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is she really in preschool already?

August 20, 2017 1 Comments


Preschool. Where do I even start? First off, how do I already have a child in pre-k? Is she really four years old? I feel like it was just a few months ago when she was just a baby all cuddled up in my arms, where she belongs.  Now, well now, she is just miss independent! I have a four year old who seems to be going on fourteen.  I have said this before and I will say it again, time truly does fly with kids.  Right now, both of my children are at their Nani’s house having a sleepover.  My husband and I are having a very relaxing evening but it is just so boring without kids.  I seriously cannot imagine my life without my beautiful kids.  My life changed in the best way when those little angels were brought into my world.  I miss them so much and they have not even been gone long.  But anyways, back to preschool!

Preschool.  It seems so simple.  Get the cute kids up, get their lunch ready, feed them a healthy breakfast, and try your best to get there on time so you do not look like an irresponsible parent.  Sure, that sounds simple when it is typed out on a computer screen and not your reality.  Preschool started for my daughter on Tuesday.  Yes, you read that correctly, Tuesday.  Monday we had a “meet your teacher” day, this is also that day you’re supposed to bring in all of the supplies that was asked of you for the classroom.  Can we just talk about how heavy these supplies are? I had to bring in two large packs of printer paper, Kleenex, paper towels, napkins, plastic forks, plastic spoons, and all the other basic classroom necessities.  Between carrying my purse, the school supplies, and trying to wrangle two kids on our long journey across a street, through a parking lot, and into the school, lets just say that things got pretty heavy and I got pretty sweaty.  When we met the teacher, we also learned all of the classroom rules for the parents.  For example, we walk our kids in every morning (this was actually a surprise to me, I read the parent handbook and I read there was a drop off thingy? clearly it lied), we have to sign them in, we need to then drop off their folder into the folder basket, put their back pack in their cubby, then take their lunch/snack/water over to the large refrigerator and get my babe in her seat.  I know this does not sound like a lot but it was a lot more than I expected.  We have taken our kids to two different day cares prior to pre-k.  For both of them we had to drop the kids off, sign them in/out, and be on our way.

All of this may take more time but it is worth every second.  It may be hard, it does test my patience (mostly because my younger child does not like to listen sometimes), but I love it.  I love seeing her so eager to get to school and learn.  She may be grumpy when her 6:15am alarm goes off in the mornings, but that quickly passes and she turns back into my sweet little love bug.  She has already made some little friends that she talks about at home.  The teachers (she has three) are all very caring and sweet- I really need to take some notes from them! I have never felt so sure about a place that I have taken my kids to.  We decided to send our kids to a private school because we want them to have the best education possible.  Sure, there can be arguments both ways on private school vs public school.  My husband and I both went to a public school and we had no complaints.  But for our kids, we wanted better and that is exactly what we are giving them!  The school we chose is a private catholic school.  We have about a 30 minute drive to and from daily.  She goes in at 750 and ends at 230, 5 days a week.  Needless to say, all of our lives have changed over this past week.  Our bed times have gotten a lot earlier, and wake up times have came much sooner.


Structure is HUGE with little ones.  We started the earlier bed times six weeks before school started, just so it was not a huge shock to them when the time came.  Every morning they get up, go potty, brush their teeth, get dressed, then I do Makenna’s hair.  We then head downstairs, I get a nutritious breakfast started for them, and they eat.  While they eat I get her water bottle filled up, get her lunch and snack out, and get them packed in her back pack.  Her lunch and snack have to be in two separate bags so that is why I specified both.  Also, another thing that I completely LOVE about this school is what they do not allow the kids to eat.  We are very healthy eaters for the most part, so this won my heart over.  They DO NOT allow: lunchables, pudding, jello, chips, fruit snacks, cookies, cereal, any dessert items, or any drink OTHER than water.  On the first day there was a large bag of the prohibited items that parents had brought and the teacher did not allow the kids to have them.  I love that they encourage healthy eating like we do at home!

Now that Makenna pretty much has a full time job, my days have become easier.  Matix has no one to fight with, he is allowed to play with every toy in the house while she is gone.  Going to the grocery store is so much easier with just one kid.  My kids are so close in age that I seem to have forgotten how easy life is with only one kid.  I get so much one on one time with my boy and I love it so much.  He is such a mommy’s boy as well, so he appears to be loving it as much as I do.  Consistently this whole week right before nap time, Matix wants his sister though.  That is the time he begins to miss her and ask me when she will be coming home or when we can go get her.  The bond those two share melts my heart.  They are truly each others best friends, they want to do everything together.  Heck, they even share a bed every single night by choice.  They each have their own bedrooms, with their choice of decor, but they both want to sleep together, every. single. night. My heart is throbbing just thinking about them and how much I miss them right now. 

Since Makenna is gone, Matix and I have been finding fun things to do around the Las Vegas area.  The first day she was in school we went on an hour walk (stroller ride for Matix) around desert shores.  We got to see the beautiful lakes, houses, ducks, and turtles in the area.  We went to a park one day and Matix got to play with his cousin, Kassian, and some other kids around his age.  We have done a grocery shopping trip which he loved, he is used to having Makenna with us so he loves being the only one who gets to help me! The one on one time we are getting is something I will forever cherish with him.

Now, it is almost my bed time, because when the sky is awake, I’m awake (frozen reference)! My 5:30am wake up will come a lot sooner than I am expecting.  I need to get some rest so that maybe next week I can take some photos with my daughter.  I mean, lets be real, I can care less how I look in the mornings when I take her to school. That is why there is not one photo of me on this post!  As long as my kids look good, that is fine with me because my children are a reflection of me.  I saw something funny on social media the other day, it said, “My kids look like gap models and I’m over here looking like a walking dead extra!” ITS SO TRUE and I don’t even care! On that note, GOODNIGHT!PS- look at this babe.  This is my beautiful mother (all the heart eyes), Makennas nani! I sure hope I take after her when I age!






November 27, 2017

Marissa Oberling

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  1. Marcy McGinn

    August 20, 2017

    I’m really enjoying your blog it’s so interesting. It’s hard to stop reading . Thank you for sharing. xoxoxo

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