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Every mom knows that when kids start school/daycare they get sick, every…. single…. time, without fail.  Kids are touching everything that every other kid also touches, so its unavoidable for germs to not be spread.  Desks, pencils, markers, chalkboards, drinking fountains, toys, the playground, the germs are every where.  Two years ago when Matix was a little, little man, he got super sick after starting day care.  I’m talking double ear infection, double eye infection, and some other stuff that I do not care to look back on.  After MULTIPLE trips to our pediatrician, 4 different medications, finding out he is allergic to the “cillins”, we finally did the rocephin shots for 3 days.  Those helped him temporarily but the following year we were back in the peds office.  We finally got a referral to see an ENT which is what he needed from the beginning.  He got his tubes in a week later and has never been sick like that again.  His tubes were a MIRACLE.  He did get an ear infection while we were in the Bahamas due to water being trapped in his ear.  Luckily, medication was able to clear that one up!  Matix is definitely my sick baby out of my two!

FullSizeRender.jpgWith all of this being said, Makenna has her first day of preschool next Tuesday.  For the past two weeks I have been giving the kids their favorite vitamins, Olly! They are like little sugary gummies! My babes take the multi+ probiotic daily! I will give them the mighty immunity when I feel it is needed.  Before school starts is a definite needed time, before vacation, and when I can see they are under the weather! These vitamins are a staple in our household, we keep them out on the counter so we remember to take them every morning before breakfast! These vitamins are my favorite for three reasons:

  1. My kids LOVE them and ask for them daily, there is never an argument to get them to take them!
  2. They are affordable!! Vitamins can get pricey but these are $13.99 and sometime even go on sale.  The multi+ probiotic come with 70 vitamins, so between my two kids that will last me almost a month (my daughter started taking two daily when she turned 4)!
  3. These are sold at TARGET!!! Seriously, this reason is the best (kinda)! Every woman/mom/person loves target! This is just another “reason” for “having” to go to Target!

Thanks so much for reading, feel free to comment your thoughts or share your favorite vitamins for your little! I would love to hear what other moms swear by! Have a beautiful day!


Marissa Oberling